Synergier av skills i Diablo 3

forumkoll Blizzard går närmare in på hur synergier, dvs poäng som spenderas i vissa färdigheter som i sin tur påverkar andra färdigheter, kommer att fungera i Diablo 3.

Will there be Synergys in Diablo 3 as there were in Diablo 2? IE, putting points in Firebolt to make Fireball do more damage?

Synergies were added in Diablo II (in 1.10) to spread out point spending and curb point hoarding. But had their own problems. The skill trees in Diablo III are far more open, you don’t have to spend down a linear tree. And passives are their own system. Couple that with runestones, and we don’t think there will be any need in Diablo III to bribe people with synergies. Traits are by their nature passive synergies in many ways, but no, skills do not ‘synergize’ with one another directly.