Solo eller Party för bäst itemdrops?

forumkollDet är inte alltid lätt att hålla koll på fakta. Det fick vi erfara idag när Bashiok lyckades med konststycket att först förvirra sig själv och sedan oss andra i ett försök att förklara hur drops i party och solo fungerar. Summan av det hela är att dropraten inte förändras oavsett om man spelar själv eller med andra.

Det enda som förbättras om man spelar i ett party är effektiviteten på dödandet, vilket i sin tur borde leda till att fler och förhoppningsvis bättre föremål droppas.!/Diablo/status/93000521534812160

”Playing with others works exactly like Diablo II. Enemies are tougher, and you have a better chance at getting nicer loot.”

This is a little confusing. What exactly would qualify as ”nicer loot”? Does this mean that loot has a better chance of having higher stats on them or having a higher chance of getting better quality items? For example, do games that have 4 people increase their chances of a legendary dropping as opposed to a game with only 1 person? Anyone mind clarifying?

I’ve gotten this same question wrong in the past, I don’t know why it continues to confuse me. Drops are not different in co-op. The fact that you’re killing faster (which you will) in a group means more items in less amount of time, means we don’t need to provide other incentives.

Your own drop modifiers will affect your personal drops, such as magic and gold find. But that’s the same while playing alone or in a group.

So does more loot drop or just higher percentages?

Sorry that was an incorrect answer. Drops don’t change while playing in a group vs. alone

So that means unless we have MF in a boss fight, we won’t be seeing any better loot in a 4 player game than we would see solo?

Correct, but the increased rate at which you slay demons makes it far more lucrative to group up than to play alone.