Saknar Blizzard innovationsförmåga?

blizzardOlyckskorparna kraxar i vanlig ordning på de officiella Diablo 3 forumen. En användare uttrycker sin oro (missnöje?) över att Diablo 3 redan nu känns väldigt upprepande och att Blizzards spel saknar nytänkar-anda. Bashiok ger svar på tal genom att på ett märkligt sätt ifrågasätta Blizzards egna innovationsförmåga.

No disrespect to my comrades, but what was the last Blizzard game or feature you’d call innovative?

Personally I’m not sure I can think of any except the currency based auction house and runestone system, and those are both in the game you’re criticizing.

In my opinion we make awesome, polished, accessible games that are fun for a huge spectrum of people, but when I think of the word innovative our games don’t jump to mind. We make iterations and polish on what are fairly well understood systems and ideas, and that process has created our games and our company.

I realize I’m jumping on one little part of your post, but you ended it with a conspiracy theory Activision|Blizzard boogie-man jab so I think I’m afforded the ability to ignore the rest of it.

Vasadan (en annan av Blizzards Community Managers för Diablo 3) berättar också att shrines numera påverkar såväl spelare som följeslagare.

It is currently intended that all buffs in the game, including shrines, buff both the player’s character and follower.