Regionala beta invites inom kort

blizzardBashiok förklarar varför man har valt att ge keys till fansites som istället för att bjuda in folk via opt-in utanför Nordamerika. Han säger även att regionala invites inte ligger för långt bort i tiden. Läs hela inlägget här.

We give keys to fansites because it’s nice to support our fansites, and we like to help send people to their sites to discover them and see what they have to offer. In addition, it can create (depending on the giveaways) more than just a random chance to get a key. In most cases there’s skill involved, or by participating more you get a better chance.

We absolutely could have just kept those keys, not given them out, and added more through the opt-in. In that case you’d retain your 0.001% chance to be invited, and so good luck to you. Having keys that you can work and prove yourself toward provides a totally different way to get into the beta. That variety of entry is a good thing, but yes, it will in most cases require more than just waiting for an email to arrive in your inbox.