Powerleveling, ett minne blott?

miraDiablo III:s Senior Technical Designer Wyatt Cheng ger oss sin syn på den senaste tidens sätt att powerlevla på samt berättar mer om framtiden för den här typen av aktiviteter (Cursed Chest & Mira).

I want to chime in with our design philosophy regarding power leveling. With the recent changes to experience calculations, I want to distinguish between what we view as something we need to take action on and something we’re actually okay with.

With regards to leveling low level characters, our basic approach is to compare the leveling rate when being power leveled by a high level character to what a person is capable of on their own. If you’re playing solo, you can use things such as a helm Ruby, Leoric’s Signet, Hellfire Ring and optimized gear such as high DPS weapons with ”Reduced Level Requirement” affixes. When we are trying to decide if being power leveled by a higher level character is ”too good,” we compare it to the optimal solo case. If being power leveled is in the ballpark of playing with a full set of leveling gear, that seems fine. But if being power leveled by a higher level character is, for example, 10x better, it significantly undermines all the work that goes into putting together a special set of gear.

For max level characters in Reaper of Souls, we want Adventure Mode to be the most rewarding way to play the game. For those who played the beta, many will attest that Adventure Mode is a lot of fun and it would be a real shame if there was a more efficient route elsewhere. Adventure Mode takes you around the world of Sanctuary, promotes a variety of content, and rewards your play with experience, gold and Blood Shards. Each bounty set is capped off with the opportunity for running a Nephalem Rift, which is also really fun. We don’t want a situation on March 25th where the fastest way to gain XP is to actually ignore Adventure Mode completely and instead repeat the same small piece of content every 60 seconds endlessly. We targeted the Cursed Chest event because there is reason to believe that if we left it, it had the potential to undermine Adventure Mode. This is the litmus test through which we’ll be evaluating all leveling methods. The Mira event is another example. It’s quite good, and we are currently trying to determine if it is better than Adventure Mode at level 70. If it is, then yes – we’ll have to take action. If it isn’t, then there’s no need to change or remove it.