Kubens återkomst

forumkoll En användare på battle.net-forumet har startat en diskussion om Salvage Cube och att kuben (Horadric Cube) från Diablo 2 isf skulle göra comeback i Diablo 3.

Bashiok avslöjar att kuben i Diablo 3 inte kommer att heta Salvage Cube utan att namnet (som kommer att innehålla ordet cube) i dagsläget inte kan avslöjas eftersom det innehåller en spoiler.

The blacksmith will ask you to slay his undead family before he joins you. After completion of this quest besides the acquisition of his services he also rewards you with the Salvage Cube. http://www.forcestrategygaming.com/?p=976

There you have it. The cube seems to have made a return. Feel free to discuss/post links pertaining to the topic.

It has a name. It is not Salvage Cube. The name does include Cube, though. The name is sort of a spoiler, which is why we haven’t revealed it yet.