Ingen loot om du dör i en bossfight

forumkollDen massiva informationsströmmen från Blizzards media-event sköljde över oss likt ett godisregn. Och grundregeln är att ju mer information som släpps desto fler frågor uppstår det.

De senaste dagarna har därför Bashiok gjort sitt bästa för att svara på frågor och råda bot på den förvirring som råder på de officiella

Här kommer ett urval av frågorna som har postats det senaste dygnet:

Like, does playing solo give you the exact same chance at gold and magical items that playing with a group does?

Yes, it’s exactly the same.

And my Gold / Magic Find gear has NO EFFECT on anyone else in a party?

Correct. Each person affects their own drops.

Why should we bother playing in a group?

Because your kill rate goes up. Despite the difficulty increase you simply kill stuff way faster in a group. More ’drops per hour’ means you want to be in a group.

Are there still Shrines throughout the game? In this case, Experience Shrines?

Yes there are. As long as the party is within the same relative area, everyone will get the shrine buff.

Will there be any ’rested’ experience bonuses or anything like that?


If the boss you are fighting is at 5% hp.. then you die and get sent back to town, does the boss drop any loot for you as your team finishes the boss off with out you? Or does the proximity rule exclude you from loot?

The way it works now, if you are dead when a boss is killed you will miss out on experience and loot. We want to make sure the design isn’t such that it becomes a standard for high-level characters to carry low-level characters through content, without risk of penalty should the lowbie die. But, there is a new resurrection mechanic which allows other players in the party to click on a dead player’s corpse to bring them back on the spot, rather than having them be sent back to town. We’ll see how gameplay elements such as these play out in the beta test and adjust accordingly if necessary. ;)