BoP/ BoE borttaget ur Diablo 3

forumkoll Ännu en stor nyhet ur intervjun med Jay Wilson är att föremål i Diablo 3 inte längre kommer att bindas (BoP, BoE) till spelaren. Detta kommer att gälla alla slags föremål, oavsett kvalitet. Bashiok förklarar ytterligare hur Blizzard resonerar:

Any comment on why binding was ditched?

Yeah, we realized that binding is kind of a crappy way to pull items out of the economy. If you say that the average player produces 100 items an hour and maybe gets 1 upgrade in that time, then binding at best can account for removing 1% of items from the economy. And that’s being very generous at high levels.

Binding isn’t really substantial in making a viable economy, but it is really good at establishing item prestige. Which is how it’s used in WoW.

We expect salvaging to be compelling enough to remove a good percentage of the most valuable items from the economy. High end components obtained from salvaging high end items are needed for high end crafting and enhancement.

We’re not promising anything on patch content, but we also feel that keeping up on introducing new items consistently will keep it from being possible for a glut of the best items from building as ’the best’ can be a constantly moving target.

Förändringen kommer ha stor inverkan på ekonomin som blir mer lik den i Diablo 2 istället för den i World of Warcraft. En nyhet vi alla bör glädjas åt!