Frågestund med Blizzard

blizzardFör ett par dagar sedan fick vi tillgång till ytterligare en frågestund med utvecklarna bakom Diablo 3. Klicka på Läs mer för att ta del av hela inlägget, där frågor om bland annat Magic Find, Gold Find och Followers besvaras.

Q: Are there any plans to raise the max bid/buyout of the RMAH above $250?

A: We do not currently have any plans to raise this amount.

Q: Have you considered adding a “Reset” button so that players don’t have to edit every single search parameter manually when switching between search types?

A: This is a good suggestion, and we will look into it.

Q: Players would really like to be able to search for TOTAL +block on shields rather than magic property “% to block.”

A: This is a great suggestion.

Q: Players would also really like to be able to filer their searches by “Bid Only” or “Buyout Only.” Saved searches and the ability to “tag” items (to be able to check back on later) would be welcomed as well!

A: Also Good suggestions. We’ll look into these as well.

Q: Any thoughts on adding the ability to “import” the stats of your currently-equipped item so that it fills the values in the search fields automatically?

A: We are currently looking into ways to search for similar items.

Q: What determines the cap on the absorb of the new force armor on Zombie Dogs? How is overflow damage determined?

“Some attacks still kill the dogs in one hit, including some pretty beefy ones.  I’m not complaining, I think they are great and it’s okay for them to get smushed, just would like to know more specifics about how it works.”

A: Certain attacks and less-common environmental hazards — such as the fire created on the ground by Skeletal Mages — do lots of small, rapid attacks that can quickly damage Zombie Dogs and Gargantuans.  We know this type of damage can be difficult to predict, so we’re looking into having these spells do reduced damage to pets, much like we did for Plague, Molten, and Desecrator.

Q: Is there a cap on Magic Find/Gold Find for followers? Does your follower’s MF/GF count toward your 300% cap, or does it stack over the cap?

A: The Magic Find and Gold Find percentages for both follower contributions and Fortune Shrine bonuses are intended to respect the 300% MF/GF cap. Nephalem Valor bonuses will continue to stack beyond this cap, however. That said, we’ve seen some posts that MF/GF contributions from followers may currently be stacking above the cap, and we’re looking into those reports.

Q: Is it intended that the benefits of a Fortune Shrine do not allow the player to go over 300% MF?

A: The Fortune Shrine’s benefit also respects the 300% MF cap.

Q: The tutorial that appears on the XP bar when you start earning the Paragon XP doesn’t tell players that each Paragon level also increases base stats. Was this intended, or just an oversight?

A: That is an oversight, thanks for pointing it out! We’ll be updating this to reflect the correct information.

Q: Will we add MF/GF back in so that it affects environment object drops?

A: This is something we would like to do in the future.

Q: Are there any plans to add additional character slots per account? What about AH slots?

A: We have no current plans to add additional character slots or AH slots.

Q: Are there any plans to buff or rebalance followers? There have been (unverified) claims that the enchantress is much more popular than either the Templar or scoundrel.

A: We’re looking into it

Q: Are thoughts on allowing the blacksmith to offer repairs for a lowered price depending on his artisan level.

A: We have no plans to add this feature.

Q: Players would like to be able to clear their “Recent players” list or to somehow disable it. Is that possible?

A: This is also a feature that we have no plans to add.

Q: Can crafting mats stack higher than 100, please? :D

A: This is a great suggestion! We’ll look into increasing it.