Cursed Chest patchas in i RoS

d3_iconBeta-servrarna har tagits ner för underhåll inför kommande patch.

The Friends and Family beta has been brought offline for maintenance and to help prepare for our upcoming patch. We’re currently expecting at least 24 hours of downtime. At present, we anticipate that we’ll be keeping the beta offline until our patch and character wipe can be completed. This means that once the beta is brought back online, a new patch should be available and all beta characters should be wiped.

En av nyheterna i den kommande patchen är introduktionen av det nya och hittills okända ”Cursed Chest”-systemet. Vad det exakt innebär återstår att se.

We’ve taken the bulk of content that was once Nephalem Trials and converted them into a new style of event called Cursed Chests. These events should be available in the next phase of testing and on the PTR, and we’ll be able to share a bit more about them as that draws nearer. 

New Event: Cursed Chests
Chests scattered about Sanctuary are now occasionally cursed, starting an event once they are inspected. Some chest events spawn in both Campaign and Adventure modes, while others are exclusive to Adventure mode. Like other events, completing a cursed chest event provides a small gold and experience reward. Chests offer a variety of challenges, including endless monster waves, timed events, and potentially spawning bosses out in the open world! Once the associated event is completed, the chest will be cleansed into a Radiant Chest, ripe for the looting!