Ändringar för Caches och Blood Shards

blizzardI den framtida patchen 2.0.5, som för tillfället inte har något spikat datum, kommer både Blood Shards och innehållet i Horadric Caches att öka för varje nivå av svårighetsgraden Torment. Klicka på Lär mer för fullständig info.

Grimiku: As a heads up, we’re looking to make two changes to Horadric Caches. The first change is to allow the caches to drop Torment-only Legendary items. The second is to increase the chance that you’ll find a Legendary item in Horadric Caches, including Act-specific Legendaries like the Royal Ring of Grandeur, based on the Torment difficulty. What this means is that Horadric Caches earned in Torment I+ will be able to drop Torment restricted Legendary items, and caches earned in Torment II+ will have a scaling bonus for dropping Legendary items (which includes those items only found in a cache).

Grimiku: We’re also planning on changing Rift Guardians so that they drop more Blood Shards for each level of Torment past the first (i.e. in Torment II+). For clarity, this means Rift Guardians would drop the same amount of Blood Shards as they currently do in Torment I, but starting in Torment II they would drop additional Blood Shards per each Torment slider tick. This change should arrive at the same time as the Horadric Cache change mentioned previously, which is currently scheduled for our next bug fix/balance patch (patch 2.0.5).*

*Before you crazy hooligans can ask this poor ol’ goatman again, there’s no ETA to share for this patch right now.