Blizzard svarar på kritik kring färgval

13sloqc370iu1314297144687Det har varit en del diskussion kring de olika färgerna för Class Resource System – det vill säga bollarna med till exempel Fury och Spirit.

Demon Hunters färger röd och blå har varit ett av de hetaste diskussionsämnena. Många vill se svart och vitt istället. Nu har Blizzard gett svar på tal i ett diskussionsinlägg på det officiella forumet.

The decision to go with the colors chosen for Hatred and Discipline was made very carefully, and after a good deal of deliberation. In a lot of instances, it came down to what wouldn’t work, as opposed to what would work.

White and black, for example, would be bad. One purpose of the color scheme is to ensure it’s very readable when your focus is on the game world and not the UI. Given the dark vibe of Sanctuary and the way the UI fits in with that feel, black simply wouldn’t pop out at all. It’d be much more difficult to track your Hatred (which is the resource you’ll be managing most frequently) peripherally when background colors are so frequently on the darker end of the color spectrum. Just the same, the suggestion of white for Discipline seems only to stand in contrast to black which, again, just wouldn’t work.

Hatred was given a deep red color to give it plenty of distinction from barbarian Fury, plus red is just an angry color (refer to my avatar and personality). We also mixed in a bit of black with the red to further push Hatred toward the demon hunter’s color kit.

Det har också varit diskussion kring att använda grön som färg som klassresurs, speciellt för Witch Doctor. På det svarar Blizzard:

It’s not that we overlooked green, we just definitely didn’t want to go with that. It’s way too tied to poison in Diablo. It wouldn’t feel right.

Färgen på Monks resurs, Spirit, har också varit diskuterad. Vissa menar att det ser ut som sädesvätska.

Vad tycker du? Borde Blizzard ändra färgerna eller är de bra som de är?