Utvecklare besvarar communityns frågor

blizzardInför releasen av Patch 1.0.3 fick vi ta del av en frågestund där utvecklarna bakom Diablo 3 besvarade utvalda frågor från communityn. Klicka på Läs mer för att ta del av hela texten.

Q. Wizard’s Mirror Image spell moves the Wizard slightly backwards when cast, which in some situations can result in the character being moved back into mobs. Players report it is extremely annoying especially when trying to escape from chasing mobs. It has also been noticed that when mirror image is cast it can sometimes remove the Jailer effects. Is this the way this spell should be working or do you think it should be looked at?

You’re randomly moved to one of the spots (not always backwards), and that’s for PvP so other players can’t tell which ‘image’ is actually you. Our preference is to ensure it’s working properly in the PvE game, but we’ll look into how it could affect PvP if we change it before we do anything. It is intended to break CC, and it should break it every time not just sometimes. If it’s sometimes it’s a bug.

Q. Players report high level Demon Hunter equipment to be much easier to find than for other classes, which is reflected by low prices on the Auction House.

From our vantage Strength based items seem to be the cheapest, and that could be due to any number of reasons. It could be that Demon Hunter items seem easier and cheaper to find because bows and crossbows and such seem like “DH” weapons, and so a lot more find their way to the Auction House.

Q. Is there a system in the game that is safeguarding even spread of items usable for all classes or is item class for a dropping item totally random? Is drop influenced at all by character class?

Drops are influenced by your class in Normal (you have a higher chance to find class specific items for your class). But in Nightmare and beyond it’s completely random.

Q. Does Magic Find play any role at the moment of item identification?

No, items are rolled when they drop; identification just reveals the roll that occurred.

Q. Are you happy with the rate at which bugs are being fixed? Is 1.03 when we will get rid of the more serious bugs?

We’re not happy with the rate in which they’re being fixed, but we’re doing what we can to make the best out of the situation.

Q. About the General chat channels: are people put in General channels by region / Battle.net account settings / IP / randomly / etc? Friends playing together reported being in different General channels. Is that intended? What is the maximum capacity of such a channel?

Chat channels have a maximum of 100 people, so yes there will be multiple instances of the same channel. We’re looking to expose the channel number and allow you to swap between them.

Q. Will the developers implement additional functionalities to the chat? For example, ability to customize chat channels in additional windows.  When everything is in one window NPC speech + public channel flood make it really hard to talk via whispers.

You can disable quest dialog appearing in chat through a checkbox in the Sound options. But yes, the chat interface needs a myriad of improvements.

Q. How does the “report spam” function in game work exactly? Are spammers being blocked from the chat after a certain number of reports, like in WoW?

It does not work like WoW. We’re working to make it work like WoW in a future patch.

Q. In a future patch legendary items will be buffed. If I have an unidentified item in my bag and hold it unidentified until that patch, will this item have the updated stats or the old ones (since I found it before the patch)?

Items are rolled when they’re dropped, not when they’re identified.

Q. In the “Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview” blog we said, “We’re removing the bonus monster damage per additional player in a coop game.” Are we having any other changes (regarding extra life or type/number of affixes) to balance this in order to keep some challenge when playing coop?

We feel playing in co-op is too difficult right now. We’re intentionally making the game less difficult in co-op in 1.0.3, so no; we have no plans to buff monsters in other ways to offset it.

Q. As we said, we’re going to be reviewing legendary items in a future patch. Will the modification concern only Legendaries, or are the Set items also concerned by this change?

Set items are Legendary items as far as current item design goes, they just have a set bonus (and are green).

Q. There are many discussions/experiments/questions from players about whether MF chance is effective when defeating Unique Boss (Purple colored). Is MF effective when defeating uniques?

It affects every monster the same way.

Q. Are there any plans to add measures to help prevent Hardcore characters from being killed due to latency issues?

No, we don’t have any plans to do so.

Q. Will rollbacks ever be considered for Hardcore characters if the issue appears to originate within Blizzard’s servers?

Again, sorry but we don’t plan on changing this.