Sammanfattning av Tavern Talk har gjort en eminent sammanfattning av gårdagens Tavern Talk där framstående utvecklare av Diablo 3 diskuterade spelet och dess framtid.

  • Trials are being heavily analysed and we can expect changes as soon as they have something solid.
  • Platinum and Cosmetics are coming to new regions (servers) – so only China. Not on NA, EU, KR and TW servers!
  • There are no announcements or plans of bringing those over. It was said they definitely don’t want boosters and P2W on the current servers.
  • It was hinted that Diablo will be ”free to play” on the China realm.
  • No plans to remove Pylons in GRs. Small variance is ok – but not 10 levels of difference.
  • Immortal King’s power is being flexible and matching any skill – its strength can grow a lot with new ”skill specific” items.
  • New Sets are meant to be the stars of Patch 2.2, and not old sets turning into the absolute best with buffs.
  • Season 3 is expected to be longer than Season 2, but shorter than Season 1.
  • New Sets and items will focus on different skills (Seven Sided Strike, etc) but old ones will remain faithful to their fantasy (like Raiment sticking to Dashing Strike).
  • They are ok with how ”non build defining” (or non-BiS) Ancient weapons present a tough choice when paired against BiS or build-defining non-Ancient weapons.
  • More Weapons with interesting affixes and that can compete (so that Furnace isn’t the only choice).
  • Devs are not happy with permanent immunity, perma-CC and no resource management.
  • Cursed Realms are datamined and there’s nothing to be said about them.
  • Hotfixes mid-season (like the Sever change) will likely not happen anymore (so gonna have to wait for a patch) – internally they struggle a lot with this discussion, with the team being split.
  • No plans to allow Gem converting (red -> green), making targeting items easier (through Kadala), removing Gold Find from Paragon, changing Topaz bonus on Helms.
  • Leaderboards are awesome, but the devs don’t balance the game around them, and they don’t want to put too much focus on the competition (like giving exclusive ranking rewards).
  • On putting new Crafted Legendaries and Sets – they prefer working on improving what’s in the game already (Helltooth, Invoker).
  • John Yang said he will personally start working on Helltooh as soon as 2.2 hits, and is actively gathering feedback on that set!

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