Rift Trials på väg bort från Diablo 3

I det senaste avsnittet av Diablo-tvvodden Westmarch Workshops meddelade Wyatt Chang att Rift Trials är på väg bort från Diablo 3. Diablofans.com har sammanställt en punklista över den nyframkomna informationen.

  • Greater Rift Trials are already removed in an internal build
  • Blizzard realized people weren’t happy with them at all
  • There are still some issues that arise form this removal
    • How do players pick which GR level to play? From an arbitrary list? Based on their personal best?
    • How does Gem upgrading work now, if you can pick a very high GR? You could just slug through the Rift in 30-45 minutes and then get the upgrade
      • Possible solution: Don’t allow Gem Upgrades when you fail to beat the timer.
  • No idea when the removal of Trials will go live yet
    • Continuing to ask for it isn’t going to make it happen faster