Necromancern återvänder som NPC

Den kinesiska diablo 3-sajten har intervjuat Blizzards lead designer Jay Wilson. Intervjun är helt och hållet på kinesiska men tack vare de flitiga användarna på incgamers diablo3-forum har man lyckats översätta vissa delar av den till något mer begripligt. Följande saker framkommer:

– Necromancern kommer att återvända till Diablo 3 i form av NPC.

– End-game i Diablo 3 (dvs när du spelat upp din karaktär till maxleveln 60) kommer inte enbart att beså av jakt på nya items och spel PvP-arenan. Enligt Jay finns det fortfarande saker som inte blivit utannonserade och som förhoppningsvis ska ge oss ett alternativ till hur vi vill spela end-game.

– Jay bekräftar återigen att Diablo kommer att återvänta till Diablo 3. När eller var i storyn vill han inte gå in på. Så frågan kvarstår. Vilken roll kommer Diablo att ha och hur betydelsefull kommer han att bli?

Såhär svarar Jay på’s tre första frågor…

Based what we know, your first class in Diablo2 is Barbarian, but your favorite character is Necromancer. Barbarian is still a playable character in Diablo3, so do you think Necromancer will return in the D3 expansion? Like as a class to choose or as an NPC.

Jay: Well, Necromancer actually already appear in D3 to some capacity. We have some NPC characters who are necromancers who appear in the game. As far as a group in the universe, I’m sure we are going to continue to use them. As a playable class, it kind of depends on what the community wants and what the team wants. When we created all the classes for D3, we did most of those decisions essentially in secret before the project was actually announced, but we really want to see how the game plays and how people respond to it and what they miss, what they wish was there and we will make our decisions base of those feed backs from the community always a focus for us whenever we make decisions when we can.

As we know, mercenary is a very important part of Diablo2. It is very hard to imagine D3 with no such system. Is there anything that you can share with us about the mercenaries? What kind of improvement has been done for them from D2?

Jay: We haven’t announced anything about whether we will do a mercenary system or not, and we are not talking about that feature at this time. Probably just leave with that…

When we reach level 60, other than the daily Magic Find run and arenas, what other thing we can do in Diablo? What’s your sugguestion.

Jay: We have plans for endgame, most of it are things we haven’t announced. Pretty much all of it are things we haven’t announced. We have talked a little about changes we have made to the leveling curve. We want people to reach max level and have max level be viable play space which wasn’t really in Diablo2. Once they reach max level, we definitely want to make sure that there is content they can play that expands the breath of the game. In Diablo2, the most optimal way to play was to do find the quickest boss you can do, and repeat that boss run forever. It’s our intent to create a system that encourage people to play a lot more varied amount of content, and have that be the most beneficial way to play, such that the boss runs are really mitigated as a primary things that people do and become more secondary.