Monsterbrist i Rifts och Grifts

Har du råkat ut för Rifts och Grifts som inte kan slutföras eftersom monstren i nivåerna inte räcker till? Klicka på Läs mer för ytterligare information kring hur du kan hjälpa Blizzard att identifiera och förhoppningsvis lösa problemet.

In recent weeks we have seen reports of players encountering Nephalem Rifts or Greater Rifts that seemingly cannot be completed due to lack of monsters. If possible, we would like to gather a little bit more information from you about the circumstances in which you encountered an issue like this. 

If you have encountered a situation where you could not complete a Rift due to a lack of sufficient monsters left to fill your progress bar, please reply to this thread with answers to the following questions:

    • Was this a normal Nephalem Rift or a Greater Rift?
    • How many total floors were in the Rift?
    • What types of monsters populated the Rift? List any and every type of monster you remember seeing, divided up by which floor each type was found on as well as any other information about how monsters were distributed that you can recall.
    • What type of level or ”tileset” was used. We don’t expect you to know the specific name for our levels, but a short description of the type of environment will do. 
      Example:  Act I ”Crypts”, or Act 2 ”Aqueducts”.

Lastly, if you can, posting links to screenshots of yourself in the rift, the monsters in the rift, and of the open area map is greatly appreciated as it helps us better identify any remaining potential problem areas. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to read this and add your replies. Thank you!

I just want to note and clarify that we are not soliciting opinions on density, suggestions for balance improvements, or any other type of feedback. We are looking for additional information to help us identify any remaining situations in which you could be put into a position to not be able to complete a rift at all, specifically because there are not enough monsters remaining in the Rift to fill the progress bar. Reports of instances where you simply ran out of time, or were forced to explore more of the map to find additional monsters are not what we are looking for. 

That said, this is not to say that this kind of feedback isn’t appreciated. The bug report forum is simply is not the place for it. I hope that helps clarify what we are looking for. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this.