Monk Q&A

forumkollBashioks solsting verkar hålla i sig, han har på forumet svarat på fler frågor från hugade fans, den här gången angående The Monk.

Q: Does spirit naturally deplete after not being used for some time?

A: No. Spirit is static. It doesn’t regenerate, and it doesn’t degenerate. Punching demons and using melee skills builds Spirit, and most monk skills spend it.

Q: Is it true the Monk’s auras function more like the Barbarian’s war cries now?

A: They’re short, powerful buffs. They can absolutely be runed. Like all skills.

Q: Will the UI allow for keeping track of which combo you’re on? His combo skills are really exciting but I’m worried it’ll become too much of a chore playing the entire game counting out my attacks in sequences of 3. It would be unfortunate to unleash a 2nd tier hundred hand attack at range expecting to dash forward because you miscounted.

A: We don’t want tracking of combo stages to be so important that there needs to be a UI element to keep track. It should be that if you’re up on your game you’re tracking combo stages and it helps you get a slight edge, but if not you’re kicking ass anyway and will probably do fine. Also, we have made changes to skills so they’re consistent; such as making all stages capable of a dash. We don’t want the situation you’ve described to be an issue.

Q: Do charges expire, or can I hold onto my level 3 charge until I want to unleash it?

A: It will reset after a time, but it’s a good amount of time.

Dessutom smög det in en frågande om Barbarens shouts:

Q: Wow. Okay. What about shouts and armors?

A: The Diablo III barbarian has only ever had one true shout, and a couple others which have similar limited duration buffs. But, multiply that by 5 for runes and we have 15 shouts, compared to Diablo II’s … six? I think.
Granted every rune doesn’t change the mechanic of the shout, but most do. We’ve covered most if not all the Diablo II Warcry tree shout skills through rune effects.