Max Schaefer om Diablo 2,5

maxI veckans avsnitt av The Diablo Podcast intervjuas Diablo-ikonen Max Schaefer som under sina sista år på Blizzard North deltog i arbetet med den skotade versionen av Diablo 3. Idag jobbar Max med ”Diablo-dödaren” Torchlight 2 men tar sig ändå tid att prata gamla minnen från sin tid på Blizzard.

Flux: Do you remember your early plans for Diablo 3? Were you making an effort to expand the world and change a lot of things just to make a difference from Diablo 2?

Max: Well, it was 3D, and it was an MMO, and it had open world areas. We felt that exploring those avenues, and MMOizing it, was probably radical enough, and that we could keep some of the old conventions intact.