Månadens livestream med Blizzard

Igår anordnade Blizzard en livestream kring Diablo 3. Klicka på läs mer för att ta del av Diablofans sammanställning av informationen som framkom under streamen.

Classnd Item Changes

  • There may be a supporting piece for the new Crusader Set in the future.
  • The Cold element on Crusader skills is probably getting phased out to focus on 4 elements.
  • Firebird’s will get the Crit Damage and Crit Chance rolled into its effect, so it doesn’t either deal a ton of damage or hardly any (hotfix).
  • DHs being multiple Greater Rift levels above other classes is being regarded as a ”slight problem”. To the devs, the issue isn’t just their damage but their sustain, how they can avoid most damage and that their Sentries can’t die.
  • Control over pets is an issue which is hard to fix. Currently they hit the closest target, which is the least server-intensive way to deal with pathfinding.
  • The Crusader’s Archers might have their collision removed in the future.
  • The Invoker Set will probably stay the way it is now, as the team is focusing on making new Sets.
  • The Jade Set does not consume the Toxin Gem, and that’s intended.
  • The WD’s Horrify was quite ”overbudgeted”, being much stronger than similar skills for other classes, and that is why it was nerfed.
  • The Firestarter ”ninja nerf” some people think happened might only be related to the fact that procs can no longer proc other procs (dat proc-ception!).


  • Thunderstorm and Jailer deal damage instantly because ranged classes need to take damage or they could just avoid those affixes entirely and have very low Toughness and just pure Damage.
  • Greater Rift reward structure is being closely monitored, and constantly discussed by the devs.
  • There will be a Monk build featured on the next Play Your Way stream.
  • They’re working to fix a bug with Rift density right now, and will keep a close eye on density feedback afterwards.
  • There will be no new rewards for reaching a high position on the Leaderboards – only bragging rights.


  • No plans currently to provide patch support for PS3 or Xbox 360 – the architecture of those systems makes it incredibly difficult to port PC patches.
  • PS4 and Xbox One systems were significantly improved, that’s why they’re able to provide post-launch patch support for those systems.
  • No plans currently to bring Seasons to console.
  • On console’s Offline mode – ”When we made the decision to bring Diablo III to consoles, we knew we would need to make significant changes in order to ensure that the game was accessible to the widest possible console audience. One of those changes was to allow offline play on supported platforms. Naturally, offline games don’t require save file verification, allowing you to get right to the business at hand—slaughtering copious amounts of demons. While we will continue to explore ways to discourage exploitative behaviour, we believe that most players will value the experience of battling the vile forces of the Burning Hells and finding cool loot over copying someone else’s inventory.”