Klass-specifika resurssystem

forumkollEfter en lång tids inaktivitet vaknade Diablos-twitterkonto äntligen till liv igen. Några av frågorna som ställdes rörde bl.a Demon Hunters (???), Barbarians (rage) och Wizards (mana) resurs-system. Övriga frågor handlade om introduktionsfilmerna för de olika klasserna.

Will you ever do videos for the other classes like you did for Demon Hunter? It would be AMAZING!

We did one for the wizard and monk as well: http://ow.ly/5CE1g

Oh, right, I didn’t see them. =x But what about a Barbarian and a Witch Doctor cinematic?

Those classes were introduced with the original announcement of Diablo III, so we didn’t make ’reveal’ videos for them.

Any updates on the Demon Hunter resource system?

It’s in, it’s working, and we’ll be ready to share more starting next month.

Has there been any changes in the resource systems of the barbarian and the wizard and is the D3 team happy how they work?

There have been a number of changes to both, but current iterations have been stable for a while and are working quite well.