Jay Wilson om speltiden för Diablo 3

ignIGN har intervjuat Jay Wilson om den pågående utvecklingen av Diablo 3. Det pratades bland annat om lärdomarna man dragit från betan, klassernas olika roller och ändringarna i munkens skills. En annan intressant fråga som ställdes var den om spelets sammanlagda längd. Läs hela intervjun här.

IGN: Is there an anticipated length of play for one pass through the campaign, if you were just playing by yourself at average speed?

JW: I have a hard time answering that question because, for example, most people in the beta will tell you that it takes thirty minutes to finish the beta. But when I watch new players start the beta it takes them two to three hours, and even there it can differ greatly depending on the type of player — whether you’re a completionist or not. I like to say it’s about the same size as Diablo II. So it’s pretty close. There are some differences. I’d say our second act is bigger than Diablo II’s second act, but our third act’s a little smaller.