Introduktion av nya legendariska föremål

blizzardDet är fortfarande oklart om nya legendariska föremål kommer att introduceras i Loot 2.0-patchen eller först i samband med expansionen Reaper of Souls. Såhär besvarar Blizzard frågan.

We’re still deciding whether or not brand new Legendaries will be added in the Loot 2.0 patch. Alternatively, we may restrict new Legendaries from dropping until Reaper of Souls is live, or they may be restricted for those with the expansion. That all remains to be seen at this time.

However, there’s a lot of other stuff coming in the patch that may make some Legendaries feel completely different. First, all legacy Legendaries will begin dropping at the level of the monster that dropped it and won’t be restricted to their original item level. This means, for instance, you might see a Level 63 Magefist drop after the patch. Because of this, you’ll see a much larger variety of Legendaries dropping in general.

Second, many (but not all) Legendaries will be having their stat budget revisited. This is in addition to the smart drops system and narrowed stat range changes we’ve mentioned before.

Lastly, some (but again, not all) Legendaries will be having their powers completely redesigned. These new powers should be build-changing, and encourage you to experiment with your play style. I’m personally looking forward to seeing the kind of creativity that comes out of the community when these new items become available!