Följeslagare, varför inte i multiplayer?

forumkoll Förändring är ingenting som människan tycker om. Förändring innebär oftast att man måste lämna tryggheten bakom sig och anpassa sig till något som i början verkar helt obegripligt. Oavsett om det handlar om ny design på Facebook eller nya funktioner i Diablo 3 gnälls det alltid mycket i början. Utannonseringen av följeslagarna är inget undantag.

En missnöjd (bakåtsträvande?) användare på battle.net forumet elaborerar sitt missnöje och ifrågasätter det nya systemet. Bashiok avväpnar i vanlig ordning.

– How does creating an amazing system like the followers, and then disallowing them in multiplayer games encourage co-op play? It doesn’t. It discourages it. In order to fully experience everything D3 has to offer, I need to not play with my friends. This is simply not in line with a clearly stated Diablo 3 design goal.

It encourages co-op by giving people that are going to be playing the game alone from the start many of the thoughts and process that go into playing with another person. Seeing someone else on screen. Thinking about their items and skills. Hearing them talk. That all sounds silly from a lot of our perspectives, because, we all play co-op and who needs a primer? Well, a lot of people, and that’s where this encourages co-op. More people playing co-op means more people in a mindset of an online community, and that has many far reaching benefits for all players.

True, if you want to hear every line of follower dialogue and really toy around with them you’ll need to play by yourself. I think though you’ll have plenty of time when your friends are not online to load up an alt character you solo with, and hear all of Lyndon’s biting puns.

– Avoiding Single Player Online Magic Find(MF) Games –

One of the big reasons that everyone only sees their own loot is to encourage people to play together and kill bosses together. It was specifically stated that Blizzard doesn’t want people creating their own solo games because they felt like that was the best way to get loot. Yet here you are creating a followers system which is required in order to maximize your MF (5 item slots and a skill), yet is SP only.

Followers will not stay alive easily past Normal, and if they’re not alive you aren’t going to be getting their bonuses. I’m sure people will try to game this, and ideally they will fail. If not we will ensure followers are not part of the end-game MF equation. They are not intended to be, and we will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure they cannot be.

– Why should I invest in time/money/energy into equipping and speccing a follower who is just going to be collecting dust every time I hop in a game with other people?

– Why should the time/money/energy I spent fully gearing and speccing my follower be completely wasted every time I step into a multiplayer game?

Because it’s not much of an investment. Again, it’s really only going to be useful for Normal. The items you find and give them you can easily remove and salvage. Respecs for them are going to be cheap. There’s no upkeep cost for them. It’s just not a real investment (aside from emotional… that Enchantress! /swoon)