Dyes och vingar i Collectors Edition

blizzardGårdagens konferenssamtal gav inga nya besked om Diablo 3 och dess releasedatum. Som plåster på såren besvarade Bashiok några frågor om Diablo 3 Colletors Edition istället.

Can the wings be left on indefinitely, or are they on an activation thing with a longish cooldown? Are the dyes in limited supply, or unlimited? Is it a pattern we get at one of the crafters?

The CE dyes are infinite in their use. Keep them forever, dye as much stuff as you want ”Cloud” or ”Smoke” colored. The colors are unique to the CE.

wingsThe wings are an item you hold in your inventory (don’t take up an equipment slot on your character), and it’s a toggle. Use to turn on, use again to turn off.

They’re awesome looking, and stack with other class effects like Shadow Power and Archon. 

It’s 1 per account. If you want to trade to another character you’d just want to put it in your shared stash before logging out. Same with the dyes.