Diablo 3 redan #1 på bestseller-listan!

forumkoll Högsommarvärmen har visst spridit sig hela vägen från Sverige till Irvine California och Bashiok måste ha fått värmeslag med tanke på hur aktiv han har varit på twitter och forumet det senaste dygnet. Här kommer en sammanfattning av det viktigaste och oviktigaste.

Bashiok, are you going to be a full-time community manager for Diablo 3 upon release or still split between all games?

As much as I can. As much as we all can. You’ll certainly be getting to know the rest of the crew. They just tend to focus on WoW/SC2 for now.

First off, will barbs make use of spears if they are in the game still? if so, what kind of crazy animations will he/she have with it?(basing this off the brutal dual wielding axes animation from the original gameplay vid… which still makes me salivate to this day)

Dual-wielding spears as a barbarian is fun. Polearms (2H) are a separate item class.

You once said that all characters will be balanced (ex: wizard can tank just as much as a barb, etc.) is that still true?

Their skills and traits are fundamentally different. You could build a tanky wizard, but it wouldn’t play the same as a barb

Something has been bothering me and since you mentioned the visual sets I guess I will just ask: how are the visual sets (18 different looks last he heard I believe) related to ilevel or item power if you prefer?

Can any ilevel spawn with any of the 18 looks, or are looks segregated by said ilevel, or even segregated by difficulty? I just feel 18 looks from the beginning of Normal to the end of Hell seem scarce if looks are somehow linked to a tiered progression by power. Any info you can disclose about visual sets distribution throughout the game/difficulties?

They are distributed through difficulties with each difficulty dropping items of a specific number of visual sets. So, for instance, in Normal you may see set looks one through five dropping. In Nightmare you may see the visual sets six through ten. etc. Just an example, I’m not sure how exactly they were decided to be broken out.

Sist men inte minst. Diablo 3 har klättrat till första plats på Amazons bestseller-lista. Hur är det möjligt, kan man fråga sig?

Diablo 3 get Place 1 on the Amazon Bestseller Games! http://amzn.to/ifjqR2

How is diablo a best seller before release?

Pre-orders. ;)