Patch 2.0.3 + Hotfixes

blizzardUnder onsdagens sedvanliga underhåll, som den här gången sträcker sig mellan 04:00 och 12:00, kommer Diablo 3 att uppdateras med en mindre patch. Klicka på Läs mer för att ta del av nyheterna i Patch 2.0.3. 

Diablo III – Patch 2.0.3 v.


  • The area of effect for the Fire Trenches in the Halls of Agony now better match their animations
    • There is now a short delay before Fire Trench damage is dealt
  • Followers
    • Enchantress
      • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Erosion was causing Electrified to proc too frequently


  • Act Bosses now always drop a rare quality item
  • The Skeleton King no longer drops a Legendary item after using the ”Reset Quests” button for level 60 characters
    • This bonus has been moved to Diablo for level 60 characters


  • Wizard
    • Active Skills
      • Hydra
        • Bug Fix: Hydras should now properly dissipate when the owner dies or leaves the game
  • Familiar
    • Increased the internal cooldown attack rate to roughly match the player’s attack speed to a maximum of approximately 2 attacks per second.
  • Magic Weapon
    • Skill Rune – Deflection
      • Added an internal cooldown to the proc rate to be roughly once per attack


  • Blacksmithing
    • Level 1-60 crafted Legendary and Set pieces now require 2 Fiery Brimstones to craft
    • All low level crafted Legendary and Set pieces now require at least 1 Demonic Essence to craft
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Legendary crafting recipes were rolling Rare level stats
      • In addition, a pass was made to ensure all Legendary crafted items are rolling with 6 total affixes


  • New Affix: +Max Spirit for Monks
    • This affix rolls on Fist Weapons, Spirit Stones, and Combat Staves
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where 2-Handed Legendary weapons were rolling damage appropriate to 1-handed Legendary weapons.



  • The ”Swing That Bloody Hammer!” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Life Steal to complete. *
  • The ”Gorging the Forge” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Magic Find to complete.*
  • Projectiles reflected by Sokahr the Keywarden should no longer crit.*
  • Players should no longer be incorrectly informed that they have earned a bonus chest after failing a Cursed Chest wave event.*
  • Players matchmaking for Any Quest (or All Acts) games when no existing games are available should no longer receive an error.*
  • Skills that deal Physical damage should no longer benefit from items that increase elemental skill damage.*
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be unable to complete the Skeleton King fight, which would block progression.*


  • The Grand Vizier:

    • This weapon will now appropriately drop with Intelligence for Wizards and Dexterity for Monks.*
  • Blackfeather:

    • Now properly has an internal cooldown on its Legendary affix proc.*
  • Homing Pads:

    • No longer makes players immune to crowd control effects while channeling Town Portal*
  • Unity:

    • Damage prevented by Talisman of Aranoch, The Star of Azkaranth, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, or Xephirian Amulet no longer splits to party members via the Unity Ring.*


  • Mirror Image

    • Hydras summoned by Mirror Images should now deal the appropriate amount of damage.*
  • Teleport
    • Should now properly allow Wizards to pass over walls created by monsters with the Waller affix.*