Diablo 3: Hotfix – 8 juni

blizzardGoda nyheter för alla som kämpar sig fram igenom inferno. Den utlovade reduceringen av monsters skada i kooperativa-spel har hotfixats in i spelet. Hotfix-uppdateringar görs i Blizzards ände utan att du behöver ladda ner någon patch.


  • In cooperative games, monster damage will no longer increase when additional players join the game. Please note that monster health will still scale based on the number of players in a party

Bug Fixes

  • Tyrael no longer has collision when he is your active follower
  • Pots of ashes in Act I and vases in Act IV will now drop less gold when destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time

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