Det är bara en beta, vi är inte klara än!

d3_iconArbetet med balanseringen av Reaper of Souls pågår för fullt och Blizzard meddelar att man är medvetna om den höga drop-frekvensen på legendariska föremål i betan. Detta är ett medvetet val i syfte att testa.

There are a slew of changes happening both behind the scenes right now as well as coming down the pipeline. Some of these changes are able to be implemented via hotfixes on the current Beta while others will take a patch to issue.

– Will you actually be making any more major additions or changes to endgame like bounties etc?

Bounties are definitely a little too… bountiful at the moment. We have changes recently hotfixed on the Friends & Family Beta to tone down Bounty rewards and increase Nephalem Rift rewards.

– Right now it just seems like everyone can just beat the game in a couple days and then there’s really no incentive to keep playing since loot rains down from the sky and makes the difficulties obsolete since they’re just a gearcheck anyway and not actually harder in terms of like, increasing monster speed or AoE range or aggression or adding hard-mode affixes.

The current legendary acquisition rate is higher than planned for launch. We will continue to tune this to arrive at an ideal reward rate, but in the meantime it allows our beta testers to get their hands on a variety of items for testing purposes.

Also consider that Bounties are compounding this issue a bit. With the changes I mentioned above regarding reduction in rewards, this should become a bit less of an issue. TLDR: It’s Beta! Lots is subject to change, and we’re not done yet. ;)