Blizzards utvecklare svarar på frågor

blizzardFör ett par dagar fick vi en Q&A med frågor och svar från Blizzards utvecklingsteam. Frågorna berör en rad olika ämnen samt svar på fansens förslag på saker som kan förbättras i Diablo 3. Klicka på Läs mer för att ta del av hela listan.

Q: Can the jeweler add sockets or is the game guide incorrect ?

A: The jeweler cannot add sockets. The game guide is indeed incorrect, and it should soon be updated to reflect this.

Q: Why not drop rares on virgin boss kills above Normal? This kind of caught people off guard as it seems to be without context (for now). It also has the effect of making the later difficulties feel less epic.

A: The best loot does not come from bosses (without the nephalem valor buff), and while we think having some reward from bosses in Normal is a fun bonus, players that get to nightmare and above should begin operating on the expectation that bosses are not the best sources of loot.Suggestions

S: Have debuffs (like Rend) appear on target’s life bar

A: We could look at specific abilities like rend and make their visual effect easier to see, but we don’t want to start adding complexity to the UI like putting debuffs on target bars.

S: Have a buff icon up while Enchant Weapon is active

A: This is something we could possibly do. We have a loose limitation on how many buffs we want you to have to keep track of at any one time, and some abilities were deemed non-critical to have a buff associated with them. But if it makes sense for Enchant Weapon we can look into adding it.

S: Have journal dialog entries be categorized by their number, not by the order in which you pick them up

A: This sounds like a good idea. Thank you for the feedback

S: Global Play is awesome, but due to the way the option is displayed is causing a number of fairly serious issues for user experience.

A: We’re looking into some improvements and are currently evaluating some changes as well. We’re specifically looking into telling people that change it, when they’re already logged in, that it won’t take effect until they log back in.