Blizzard besvarar fansens frågor

blizzardFör en tid sedan fick ett antal Europeiska sajter, därbland vi på Svenska Diablo, chansen att ställa frågor direkt till Blizzard utvecklingsavdelning. Några av dessa frågor har nu besvarats. Förvänta er ingen revolutionerande information utan svepande svar som i grova drag avslöjar Blizzards framtida planer med Diablo 3.

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Q. Will the chat interface be undergoing any further changes in the future or will the chat system currently available in beta be what we will see once the game goes live? If not, what’s changing/changed?

The chat system is something we want to make improvements on, and something we’re absolutely looking at updating and refining along with the platform as a whole after release of the game.

Q. Some people would like to be able to minimize or otherwise hide the mini map. Are such features planned?

We don’t have any further UI changes or options planned at this time.

Q. Will a mobile Auction House be available anytime “soon” after launch? Or will it have to wait until the expansion?

We have no specific plans to announce at this time, but we think the web and mobile auction houses for World of Warcraft have worked well and we think it’d work well for Diablo III too.

Q. There are some concerns that social interaction has been dramatically reduced due to game systems such as the AH, matchmaker, and small game sizes. Any thoughts on this?

There are a large number of people that don’t want to have to be forced into certain types of social situations to play the game and do what they want to do. There’s also players that love being social, but may just not want to have to go through the hassle of getting a bunch of strangers together. We haven’t removed anything that allows people to form groups, find friends, trade, or play together. We have made the game more convenient though, for sure.

Q. Are there any plans to patch in additional random events and/or other types of end-game content (excluding PvP)?

No, and it’s important to understand that Diablo is not World of Warcraft. We are patching in PvP, but outside of that, the only ‘content’ we would patch in would probably just be new items. And even that isn’t assured. We won’t be adding new dungeons, or bosses, or enemies. Diablo III will see patches to adjust game balance and potential system improvements, but any actual content additions shouldn’t be expected. The purpose of the randomized dungeons and items in a Diablo game is to provide an endless amount out of content right out of the box.