Bashiok kommenterar Runestones

forumkoll I efterskalven av den nya informationen om runstenarna har Bashiok tagit sig tid att besvara några relevanta frågor i’s forum. Här kommer en sammanfattning av det viktigaste.

Are the visuals still being worked on? I see some rough patches.

Probably not too much more to do on them. It’s a bit weird and stark to see them used on a black background, and you can wait and see all the effects pop out after they’re done. It’s not things you’d see from 30 feet high in the middle of fighting dudes. But it’s definitely cool to be able to see them up-close too.

Well, I’m a little bit dissapointed with this presentation. Even presentation of skills for classes was done with a use of in-game videos. I think rune system deserves this even more. Some short, in-game videos showing combat with monsters and all those important differences with each of rune would be very handy.

This article was really to show off that every single skill is altered in function, visuals, and sound with each of the different runestones. There will be plenty of time to see how each of them actually ‘interacts’ with monsters differently.

If we attempt to use a barbarian skill that requires fury when we lack it all together, will the barbarian still make a regular attack attempt?

Yes. So say I have Hammer of the Ancients on my right mouse button, and I’m cleaving and cleaving (I have Cleave on left mouse button) and I wanna own a fool BOOM Hammer of the Ancients but I actually didn’t have enough fury, so I will just normal attack. Cleave one more time, now I have enough fury, BASHAKAYAAAAAA Hammer of the Ancients and his head explodes.

Very nice. Can we expect other updates to the official website?

Mmmmmmmmaybe. At some point we’ll be switching to a community site (like SC2/WoW) once beta begins.

Do we know how many more systems or updates there will be between now and beta?

You do not, but we do. ;)