Nytt kring stash, klaner & enchanting

blizzardTre intressanta inlägg har gjorts i de amerikanska forumen som kommer att påverka oss både positivt och negativt i patch 2.0.1 och Reaper of Souls. Klicka på Läs mer för samtliga inlägg.

Det första är att vi äntligen kommer att få chansen att köpa oss en fjärde flik i stashen, vilket innebär 70 härliga platser att fylla.

There have been a few changes we’ve made to alleviate stash overflow, the biggest of which has been condensing down crafting materials into two tiers and increasing the stacks of many other commonly hoarded items. Where there was once ten different materials for 1-60 crafting (not counting Pages and Tomes), now there’s only five. Gem and Material stack sizes have been increased fairly drastically as well, stacking up to 1000, and Pages and Tomes have been removed from the game.

However, we do see a need with many of the additional crafting materials and items added in Reaper of Souls to add an additional Stash tab. In the next Beta patch, a new Stash tab will be available for purchase for players in the Beta. This tab will unlock in a very similar manner as previous tabs, and require purchasing the initial tab and additional 14 slot expansions over time. When the time comes for the expansion launch, this Stash tab will require the Reaper of Souls expansion to access.

Blizzard har också satt ett tak på max 120 medlemmar i en klan. Communities kommer dock fortfarande att kunna ha oändligt antal medlemmar.

Clans and Communities in the current build had some experimental caps while we evaluated what would work best in a live environment. Bear in mind that there are some technical limitations we considered when it came to choosing these caps, and we’ve tried to make allowances where possible without sacrificing performance.

Clans are intended for smaller, more intimate groups of players. When 2.0.1 launches, the cap should be 120 for Clans.

Communities, on the other hand, are meant for larger player groups, and you can designate your Community by category (including but not limited to Classes, Regional, and Game Type). They will have no membership cap; however, if the roster exceeds 100 players, only Officers will be visible in the Members Roster.

Sist men inte minst så sätter de käpparna i hjulet för oss som tänkt spara och enchanta gamla items så fort Reaper of Souls släpps. All gear som man hittar innan patch 2.0.1, så kallade Legacy items, kommer inte kunna enchantas.

Currently, items enchant values that are equivalent to the item’s level. However, there’s a major change coming in the next build, and this thread was the most appropriate to communicate it in given the topic at hand.

In the next Beta patch, Legacy items (or items that drop prior to Patch 2.0.1) will no longer be able to be enchanted. This was a decision we ultimately made because certain Legacy items, when enchanted, became disproportionately strong compared to new items, which isn’t the intent.

However, there’s an interesting ”bug,” if you’d like to call it, that will result from this change in the next Beta patch – all items gained up until the patch will no longer be able to be enchanted. This is an artifact of the fix implementation, and we felt it prudent to communicate this as soon as we could for those of you in the Beta. All items that drop in Patch 2.0.1 and forward will be able to be enchanted, so this shouldn’t be an issue as we move into the live patch and onward to the expansion launch.