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Garanterad legendary flyttas fram

skeletonkingJust nu är man garanterad en legendary första gången man dödar Butcher, Belial, Azmodan och Diablo. Genom att använda funktionen Reset Quests, som nollställer allt i Story mode, har en bugg tillåtit att man kan få garanterade legendaries genom att döda Skeleton King. Detta anser utvecklarna vara lite för bra och har bestämt sig för att flytta fram den garanterade legendaryn till självaste Diablo.

So, here’s a few quick updates from the design team (almost verbatim).

  • We will be fixing the bug with the Skeleton King in an upcoming patch (”the bug” = he drops a guaranteed Legendary item each time you kill him after using the Reset Quest feature). This not an intended bonus of Reset Quest.
  • While we are fixing the bug with the Skeleton King, we’ve definitely heard player feedback that it’s nice to receive a guaranteed Legendary item for killing a boss after using the Reset Quest feature. We as developers like it, too, but feel that the Skeleton King is the wrong place for it. So, we’re going to add that guaranteed Legendary drop to Diablo. Again, this would be a bonus for using the Reset Quest feature and playing the campaign all the way through.
  • We’re also revisiting drops for all Act bosses after using Reset Quest. We agree that seeing all blues drop just feels bad. =/

We don’t have the details all figured out yet, but that’s the general idea.